JBEC Installations & Service specialises in Solar Power Installations both for Grid Feed Solar & Stand Alone Solar Power Requirements.

We are industry leaders & have more than 8 years professional experience at the top of the solar power industry.

What you should know about your Solar Installation

When you purchase a system from JBEC INSTALLATIONS, you actually deal with the owner of the business, not a salesman on a commission. Therefore, I have no quota’s to meet before I get fired.

Some solar sales company’s  will offer you an unbelievable price on a system and then try to upsell you on equipment used. For example, they will say their panels are tier 1 and the inverter is made in Germany, and then have a condition in their contract that they can change their equipment used. So you end up with poor quality equipment.

I know that I cannot compete with a lot of solar companies offering cheap systems and I am not about to start. But you can rest assured that the system JBEC will install is of the highest  quality you can buy in the Australian market.

When purchasing a Solar system, you should be aware of what you are getting. You should know the brand and type of solar panel, whether it is Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline, as this will have an effect on the output and efficiency of your system. A high quality inverter is one of the most important parts of your solar installation & it is advisable to know the brand of solar inverter that is being installed. Find out what the warranties on the equipment are as well. You should also ask if the installers are licensed to do the work. This will determine the final price on your new system.

JBEC INSTALLATIONS has 3 main objectives, and they are

  • Quality of product
  • Fair pricing
  • Great Service (both after sales and pre sales)

With this in mind I can always offer the best deals in the market for quality and price with any service that is required .

All of JBEC INSTALLATIONS installers are licensed electricians with Clean Energy Council accreditation for grid feed solar. With the owner being  accredited for grid feed, stand alone or off grid solar, level 2 service provider and licensed electrician.

I have personally been installing solar since 2007 and have seen a lot of cheap solar companies come and go and for every one that goes there seems to another one to take their place. I suppose that this will always happen when there are government rebates available. This is a shame as it gives our industry a bad name when installations fail or even worse catch on fire. In saying that there are a lot of good installation companies still in business too.

Please be aware when purchasing your new Grid feed solar system, do your research and ask lots of questions until you are satisfied with your answers & comfortable with your solar installation company.