Battery Hybrid Solar Power

Hybrid Battery Solar Power Systems

The Future Of battery storage systems

Solar power in Australia is about to take a new direction and that is going to be Battery storage.

With the Solar Bonus Scheme coming to and end on 31st December 2016 & with the rising cost of our utilities, Battery storage & hybrid solar power systems are going to be a way to future proof our household power bills.

JBEC INSTALLATIONS has taken this on board any will be providing the latest technology in Battery storage systems for the residential and commercial market.

By retro-fitting your existing Solar panels or installing a new Solar panel system we can fit the new and exciting Redback Technologies Smart Hybrid System.

This system can provide you with  power either straight from your Solar panels , from the Battery back up system or from the grid , depending on the time of  day and what your self consumption might be .

Sydney Battery Hybrid Solar Power

This intelligent system will can even export power to the grid when you are producing more solar power than you need to run your self consumption  or charge your batteries. You get the best of both worlds with the Redback System .

Coupled with Pylontech, lithium ion phosphate , batteries to power your backup AC loads it is a great compatible system.

Redback are an Australian company – hence the name - based at The University of Queensland where they developed the technology for this system.

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Battery Storage Solar Power for Home