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Solar Maintenance & ServiceSolar Panel Maintenance

Not sure if your system is running at its full potential?
Would you like an independent 2nd opinion about your solar installation?

Did you know that solar panel efficiency can be lost with dirt & leaf litter?
In fact, up to 30% of the solar panel capacity can be impacted due to

  • Leaf Litter
  • Dirt & dust
  • Moss & mould
  • Sticks & branches
  • Birds & rodents

The good news is that this is easily preventable through regular maintenance & check ups.

Our professional service team can optimise the efficiency of you solar power system as well as carry out the ongoing maintenance you, safely & effectively.

We can also arrange a site inspection to best discuss how you can further optimise your solar power system & further benefit from solar power.

As part of an ongoing maintenance plan, we cover the details from wiring integrity to possible water leaks.

We want to make sure that your solar power system is running safely & efficiently to allow the best possible return on investment for you.

  • Maximise your investment
  • Prevent Outages
  • Protect your Warranty
  • Guarantee Maximum Output